Why should you Review your Health Insurance Policy Every Year

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, obviously this stands true in today’s life. With various options available for everything in the market, why health policies should be left out? Why not take some time out and review it every year? You never know, you might come across something which is perfectly… Read More »

Third Party Administrator Health Insurance

Pillars are the foundation of any building. Likewise TPA’ (Third Party Administrator) is the pillar of health insurance companies. Not many of us know that behind every health claim there is a great team which helps us with stress free claims. We buy health insurance policies to ease some burden off our shoulders. It not only helps… Read More »

Millennial’s Guide to Buying Life Insurance

Life insurance is a must for everyone. Read here the millennial’s guide to invest and build corpus funds with the help of life insurance to have a financial security. Imagine someone denies to date or marry you, just because you have a debt. Recently, I came across an article that revealed few shocking facts with… Read More »

About reverse mortgages

With a traditional home mortgage loan, you pay the lender on a monthly basis and gradually reduce the amount of your debt. Over time, if your home grows more valuable than the amount you still owe for it, you build home equity. A “reverse mortgage” is a loan designed in the opposite way: instead of… Read More »

Mortgages: 11 Expensive Mistakes to Avoid

Swiss mortgagors collectively pay billions of francs more than necessary for their mortgages every year. However, the most costly mortgage expenses can easily be avoided or minimized by following a few simple rules and avoiding common mortgage mistakes. 1. Falling for marketing gimmicks Many Swiss banks offer specialized mortgages or discounts designed to appeal to… Read More »

Mortgages for Investment Properties

Buying properties to rent out is very popular investment among wealthy investors in today’s negative interest rate environment. The prime requisite to turning a good profit is investing in the right property (learn more about that here). In addition to finding the perfect property, choosing your mortgage wisely is also key to getting a return… Read More »

Borrowing on your home equity

If you own a home, you may be able to use the equity in your home as a source of financing. Home equity is the financial difference between what your home is worth and the amount of money you still owe as debt on that home. For example, if your home is worth $100,000 and… Read More »

Types of mortgages

The chart below provides an overview of the types of mortgage programs that are most widely available. (Keep in mind that these types can overlap. For example, a lender may provide an adjustable rate FHA loan.) Check with mortgage financing experts for details about financing options. They can help you determine the loan to fit… Read More »

Scholarships In Australia 2018-2019 Fully Funded For International Students

The Australian Government provide a lot of Scholarships for International students for pursuing Ph.D., Masters and Under graduation. ScholarMintle listed the top 19 scholarships for the International students to better understand the whole process of getting a scholarship in Australia. Eligibility These scholarships are for International Students, Some scholarship listed for Research graduates while others… Read More »

Scholarships in China for Medical and Engineering studies 2018-2019

Scholarships in China for Medical and Engineering studies 2018-2019. Applications are invited for Tianjin University International Student Scholarship for non-Chinese students to study in China. The university awards full and partial scholarships to students. These scholarships are available for the International Students so that they perceive Engineering or Medical studies in the Revenod Universities of Chinese… Read More »